IMGs face many challenges. With proper guidance, they can overcome these.

The challenges IMGs face can be grouped into three different categories:


IMGs, like many immigrants, face financial difficulties, such as the cost of living and going through the exam process. It is important to find a job to meet these daily expenses. Also, most banks provide loans.

  • Atlantic Immigrant Career Loan Fund (AICLF)

    can help you overcome financial barriers to upgrade your skills and obtain your license or certification.


Many IMGs are highly qualified and very experienced in their countries of origin. It can be frustrating to navigate the licensing process in Canada. Patience and persistence are key factors for success.

  • The International Medical Graduates (IMG) Bridging Program at ISANS

    provides many services to help with preparing for exams and understanding how to get a medical license in Nova Scotia.


Each country has its own culture. While Canada embraces diversity, it is important to understand Canadian culture. It has both personal and professional aspects.

  • The Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

    provides a wide range of services to help get settled and familiarize with the workplace culture in Nova Scotia.

    E.g., Workplace Culture Program, IMG Orientation Module, Interprofessional Communications course, etc.